Dank Essential Roll-On

Dank Essence


We use a special mix of organic Sweet Almond Oil (available in Coconut Oil as well) as a base for our infused fragrance rollers. Each scent is blended in house and is unique to Dank Essence. We are pleased to offer you a variety of fragrance choices. All of our rollers come in a convenient 10 ml applicator bottle, perfect for spot application to rough spots and problem areas.

Available in 100mg.


(Subject to change with Season)

Blue Dream (Cucumber/Sweet Pea)

Danky Lemonade (Eucalyptus/Lemon Verbana/Sweet Pea)

Island Getaway (Coconut/Mango)

Lemongrass Lavender

Lovespell (Floral)

Orange Crush (Lemon Verbana/Vanilla)

Pretty In Pink (Summer Floral/Vanilla)

Pumpkin Spice

Purple Dank (Lavander/Vanilla)


 Write Coco in Notes if you want Coconut Oil instead of Almond Oil.